Architectonics – Richard Meier

About This Project

Richard Meier is best known for creating pristine white buildings, heʻs created everything from museums and churches to apartments and houses. He works with the idea of presence, not illusion, material, immaterial, and using light, form, and space as a material in his architecture. All of these design concepts that I found within Meierʻs work you will find within this piece. How iʻm showing this in my design is by creating my own environment by making you aware of the negative space while youʻre reading and interacting with the piece; just like Meier creates a white building in a busy setting to make you aware of the surroundings around the building. Also, iʻm bringing you into the present by breaking up the mundane activity of reading by emphasizing the shift of context within the book, cards, poster and folder. Since heʻs taking a more sustainable approach to architecture I focused on making my project as easy to print as possible for anyone with a inkjet printer, someone could easily put my project together by following simple elements within the piece that helps someone to fold every piece and put the whole project together.



Create a folder, 3 books, 6 cards, and one poster all that relates to the Architects overall design concepts.

Branding, Typography