Cancer Center Initiative

About This Project

Clinical trials isnʻt a “happy” word, to me it sounds cold and impersonal. Clinical trials is actually far from what it sounds like. It offers patients a chance to use the latest medical advances toward a cure for cancer and itʻs a personalized form of treatment. So for my two logo options I wanted to create logos that created a feeling of celebration. For my first logo option I wanted to showcase that the path to being cancer free doesnʻt have to a lonely one and that the doctors work with their patients to finding the right form of treatment. The overall shape of the logo is the hexagon shape that is used in the medical fields when drawing out chemicalʻs and specifically DNA. For my second logo I wanted to represent the cancer ribbons used for cancer awareness in a new and different way. I did this by using circles which is in reference to the research behind clinical trials since circles are used in DNA drawings and also the various sizes of DNA represent that this isnʻt a once size fits all type of treatment. Also the saying with my second logo is “OLA LOA” this in Hawaiian means long life and longevity which i felt worked well with clinical trials since their overall goal is to extend oneʻs life.


Design a logo for the UH Cancer Cencerʻs initiative. There goal is to increase the number of clinical trial patients by 20% by 2025.

Branding, Design, Illustration