General Education Brochure

About This Project

I got to design the professionally printed, General Education brochure that would be given to all new and incoming students to UH Mānoa. Their brand design is clean, simple and connected to the kalo, which is a hawaiian plant that is very closely tied to Hawaiian history and culture. The plant represents new life, growth, and connecting to the past. So by keeping with their design I added a curved frame which represents the curvature of a leaf. I also illustrated various kalo that is placed on the cover and within the design. The various stages of growth the kalo go through is also correlated to the various requirements within the General Education and the change of growth a student would go through during college. Since the client had a lot of text that they were required to use, I had to create a spread that not only made you want to read it but was easy to read.


Create a brochure for new incoming UH Mānoa students, while also keeping with the General Education brand.

Branding, Design, Illustration