General Education Rebrand

About This Project

The general education department has several requirements for students to fulfill in order to have a well rounded education. My first option is my most favorite and it represents the weaving pattern of tapa that also signifies the connections we make in school while also representing the various pathways the general education opens students up to. My second logo option is focused more on how the general education requirements give us the opportunity to navigate our own education by allowing us to go in any direction in college. My final logo is more of a classic approach to a academic logo by using the pillar of knowledge to represent education and the fire above it to represents the fire within all students to continue their education, it is also an unfinished pillar because without the work of students the pillar wouldn’t be complete. This was my first branding project and I learned a lot about brandng and creating logos, while also learning about how to work with clients needs and request.


Create three logo options for the rebrand of the General Education department at UH Mānoa.

Branding, Design, Illustration, Typography