Ka Makana Ali’i Mural

About This Project

The theme of this mural is “Makai to Mauka” which in hawaiian means from ocean to mountain. I was one of seven who had the privilege of designing this huge mural located at the new Ka Makana Ali‘i mall in Kapolei and my section was the ocean. One of the first things many people think about when they think about Hawai’i is our eclectic array of sea life. The most popular activity for newcomers to the islands is to go snorkeling; However, it is also a favorite past time for many locals. Spearfishing has been apart of the hawaiian lifestyle for many generation’s, so in my piece I wanted to emphasize the many types of fish a diver would encounter in the ocean  (ahi, uhu and u‘u)  while also bringing in popular fish commonly seen while snorkeling (humunukunukuapua‘a, puffer fish and turtles). I wanted this section to feel like the viewer is taking a look into the life of our ocean here in Hawai‘i.

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Create the ocean section of a large mural with a Mauka to Makai theme which would be used at the grand opening of the mall "Ka Makana Ali‘i" in Kapolei.