Princess Ke’elikōlani Journal

About This Project

I had the pleasure of interviewing my hawaiian professor and during those interviews it came out that she has always loved hand written letters and is in the process of getting her masters in hawaiian history. She told me about Princess Ke’elikōlani, some know her as Princess Ruth, and how no one knows much about her outside of the letters that were found about her. From those letters between various hawaiian royalty I was able to piece together her amazing life and what her life has meant for Hawai’i today. My books form is a journal with three vellum envelopes that introduce each section and within the envelopes you will find a postcard which sets the tone for whats next. I decided to break up her life into three section and those section represent the three realms found in hawaiian culture. The first section (Kai Akea: realm of ancestors) talks abut her lineage to king kamehameha, which was a major controversy during her life, which proves that she is apart of the hawaiian royal blood line. The next section (Wao Kanaka: realm of man) talks about her life and all her struggles and accomplishments. The last section (Wao Lani: realm of Gods) talks about the impact sheʻs left behind after her passing, like giving her life savings and land to Bernice Bishop who then used it to create the hawaiian school Kamehameha and the land was rented to resorts found in the Waikiki area. The overall design of the book is meant to be a modern historical journal that makes people want to learn more about the fascinating life of Princess Ke’elikōlani.


Create a book that was inspired by an interview with anyone.

Design, Illustration, Typography